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Fault analysis and maintenance methods of thrust joint bearing

in order to maintain the original state of thrust joint bearing in good condition for as long as possible, maintenance and maintenance should be carried out to prevent accidents, ensure the reliability of operation, and improve productivity and economy

the maintenance should be carried out regularly according to the operation standard of the corresponding mechanical operation conditions. The contents include the inspection of monitoring the running state, supplementing or changing the lubricant, and regular disassembly

(1) overhaul the rotary sound, vibration and temperature of the thrust joint bearing under the operating state, overhaul the properties and conditions of the lubricant, and judge the supplement or replacement period of the lubricant

(2) maintenance of thrust joint bearings during regular maintenance and replacement of machinery, fully observe the taken out bearings, and confirm the condition, damage and reuse of vehicles on the track surface, which are also essential substitute tools for people

the maintenance items in operation include the rotary sound, vibration, temperature, lubricant condition of the bearing, etc

(1) rotary sound of thrust joint bearing

use a stethoscope to investigate the magnitude of noise and the quality of the sound zigzag experimental machine in the operation process of ordinary life

even if a few bearings have abnormal and irregular sounds under the fatigue spalling state, it is possible to hear them if you are skilled

typical abnormal sound is shown on the next page

(2) vibration of thrust joint bearing

using bearing vibrator, quantitatively measure and analyze the amplitude and frequency of vibration, and infer the damage condition of bearing

however, due to the different service conditions and measurement positions of the bearing, it is necessary to make use of the measured values of the machinery to determine the judgment benchmark

(3) the temperature of thrust joint bearing

the bearing temperature usually rises slowly after the start of operation and reaches saturation after a period of time. The steady temperature of the bearing varies with the mechanical heat capacity, heat release, speed and load

when the bearing temperature rises abnormally before reaching the saturation state, consider the reasons shown in the following page, stop the operation and take necessary countermeasures

(4) lubrication universal servo experimental machine adopts servo electromechanical lubrication

to investigate the grease and lubricating oil in use, we conclude that it is effective to understand the running condition of bearings. Of course, the leakage, discoloration and deterioration of grease or oil can be judged from the moisture, sundries, iron powder, etc

when it is considered that there is lubricant leakage and foreign matters such as iron powder and metal powder are mixed, the leakage, bearing temperature and vibration shall be observed quantitatively on a regular basis. If it is considered to be abnormal, early maintenance shall be carried out

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