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Fault analysis and precautions of Valmet tractors

in recent years, the fourth Agricultural Division has used the interest free loan of the Finnish government to purchase a batch of Finland Valmet 8950 and 8550 tractors. Through the use of some Valmet tractors, some faults have occurred. During the use and maintenance of the machine operator, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

1. The main faults of the locomotive

① the welding seam between the girder oil tank and the gearbox is cracked, and diesel or hydraulic transmission oil leaks. ② The battery is difficult to meet the high power output; 3. The self corrosion of metal anode is serious and early damaged. ③ If the fuel injection head bursts, the connector material that meets the requirements of all relevant industry standards shall be adopted. ④ The hydraulic lift arm is broken

2. Cause analysis

(1) the cracking of the fuel tank weld is mainly caused by the excessive force on the waist of the locomotive due to the fact that the locomotive is often running on uneven roads with farm tools suspended, or the rear suspended farm tools are too heavy

(2) the battery is not maintained as required during long-term storage, the charging current of the locomotive is too large, the vent hole is blocked, the liquid level of the battery is too low, and the proportion of electrolyte is out of balance

(3) the fuel injection head bursts, which is mainly caused by the water in the diesel fuel vaporizing at high temperature. Clean the oil tank, drain the oil-water separator frequently, and fill with clean fuel

(4) the rear suspension farm implements are too heavy, and the farm implements are fully suspended, and the bumps are too large when walking straight on the uneven head of the field

3. Precautions for use

(1) it is strictly forbidden to stop the tractor immediately after working under heavy load and high temperature. Make the tractor work with small and medium throttle for 3 ~ 5min, and then shut down after the temperature is reduced

(2) it is forbidden to operate the small throttle for a long time (less than 800r/min). The low operating speed, low oil pressure and poor lubricity of the small throttle are detrimental to the supercharger working at high speed and high temperature

(3) it is forbidden to start the tractor with high throttle when it is cold

(4) before starting the tractor that has been parked for a long time, the turbocharger must be filled with lubricating oil or the engine must be idled for several times

(5) xiao5tai primary school in Yingze District of Taiyuan held a lantern exhibition with the theme of "turning waste into treasure, skillfully making lanterns, and smart campus exhibition style" and the activity of celebrating the Lantern Festival in the Spring Festival. The maintenance of the air filter was minimized, and it was forbidden to blow the paper core of the air filter with excessive air pressure


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