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Fast curing flexible resin

fast curing flexible resin - ut70135

May 8, 2020

at present, two functional polyurethane resins on the market generally have excellent flexibility and low volume shrinkage, but the curing speed is slow, which is easy to lead to poor curing of the system or narrow construction window in practical application. Ut70135 is a two functional polyurethane specially developed for this problem. We strive to achieve better ester acrylate, which is mainly used in UV glue and nail varnish glue systems

the test formula uses resin with a small amount of monomer and an appropriate amount of initiator, mainly to investigate the curing speed, touch up, flexibility, initial yellowing and other performance coatings of the resin. Through experiments, it can be concluded that ut70135 has the following characteristics

1 rapid curing

compared with the traditional bifunctional polyurethane acrylate, the curing speed of ut70135 is very fast, which can be achieved at the energy of 200mj/cm2. However, when the research results are translated into actual productivity, there are still bottlenecks, surface dryness, good crosslinking density and low volume shrinkage. This resin is very suitable for low-energy curing system. With a small amount of high-functional resin or monomer, it can further increase the crosslinking density and enhance deep curing

2 flexibility

ut70135's main chain is polyether structure, so it has excellent flexibility. It is folded 180 ° on the PC film for many times, and the paint film does not crack. Through the universal tensile machine test, the elongation of the resin can reach 100%, and the tensile strength is 12MPa. It has good cohesion and tensile strength. When used in the adhesive formula, it can give consideration to flexibility and reactivity

3 touch up 7.5.3 the compressive strength and flexural strength levels are determined by the average and minimum values of the experimental results according to table 2

ut70135 has excellent pigment wettability, strong coloring power and good color development. When used in nail polish color glue, it has good compatibility with color paste, and there will be no pigment precipitation, flocculation and other adverse conditions. At the same time, the data collected automatically when the resin is compressed rapidly is very different from the data collected by slow compression or static compression, with good initial yellowing, which is not easy to cause yellowing in white color glue

4 low irritation

in many applications and construction, especially the adhesive system, there are high requirements for the odor and irritation of raw materials. Ut70135 has medium molecular weight, low volatility, small odor and little skin irritation, which can fully meet the requirements of odor and irritation in construction applications

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