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Golden light paper pulp and paper group denies the accusation of destroying the tropical rainforest in Indonesia.

app (golden light paper pulp and Paper Group) recently strongly denied the accusation of Greenpeace that it is still destroying the tropical rainforest in India

the company pointed out that the remarks made by Greenpeace in its report entitled "how Sinar Mas is pumping the planet" were inaccurate and misleading

Greenpeace said that app is destroying the tropical Yulin in Sumatra and building the raw material forest around the Bukit Tigapuluh National Forest Park with high conservation value, which is also one of the habitats of the endangered Sumatran tiger

it is understood that Indonesia is currently the country with the fastest rate of forest loss in the world. Indonesia's forests have been recorded in the Guinness Book of world records at a rate of 2% per year, resulting in less than record pressure

in this regard, Stuart Andrews, the publicity manager of sustainability and stakeholders of APP Europe, explained that the relevant policies of India and the allegations of APP in this report are wrong and obviously misleading

he said: we welcome negative non-governmental organizations and independent censors to track our production and marketing chain of supervision, so that they can better understand the sustainability of raw materials

app company pointed out in a statement that it fully supports the sustainable development of Indonesia and is willing to abide by the environmental protection policies of the Indonesian government

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