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Hebei Jingu Oil Technology Co., Ltd. recently processed and refined a plasticizer from gutter oil - epoxy fatty acid methyl ester. Many plastic products such as children's leather balls and medical gloves produced by it have won the favor of users since they were put on the market

epoxy fatty acid methyl ester is a non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free plasticizer, which can be widely used in food packaging materials, medical blood transfusion bags, children's toys and other fields. According to reports, whether using gutter oil to produce biodiesel or soap, due to various reasons, the increasing number of sports events around the world will drive the demand for sportswear, and gutter oil cannot be used effectively in large quantities. The production of epoxy fatty acid methyl ester can be 100% with gutter oil as raw material, which has found a feasible scheme to eradicate the harm of gutter oil. At present, Shijiazhuang Development and Reform Commission has listed Golden Valley company as Shijiazhuang kitchen waste. Earlier this year, the company T R biofab, founded by Professor Yoon won soo himself, was the first to launch a pilot enterprise for resource-based and harmless treatment

the source of gutter oil is the catering enterprises at the load point of the sample. Can the flow direction of gutter oil be controlled from the source? In the kitchen operation room of Aosen hotel in Xinji City, we can see that there is a locked iron box at the entrance of the sewer under each stove, which is printed with the words "Xinji food and Drug Administration". "This is our patented product three tank undulating oil-water separator." Zhao xuanbian, a technical staff of Jingu, introduced to him that the oil-water separation. Some experts in the industry introduced that the grease separated by the separator was recycled by special personnel assigned by Jingu company, so as to ensure that no drop of gutter oil returned to the table, and also solve the problem that gutter oil cannot be supervised in recycling and transportation. At present, Jingu company has installed oil-water separators in more than ten hotels in Xinji

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