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Storage 2 Analysis of the role of dirty energy in energy interconnection

energy interconnection realizes the close combination of electricity, gas, heat, transportation and other energy networks through the mutual conversion and complementarity of electric energy, thermal energy, chemical energy and other energy sources. Renewable energy power generation, multi energy cogeneration technology and energy storage technology are the key to realize the integration of the above physical systems. Xiaozhi team will analyze the role of energy storage technology in energy interconnection according to its characteristics

global energy development has experienced an evolution process from the firewood era to the coal era, and then to the oil and gas era and the electrical era. Modern energy industry is a technology intensive industry. One of the effects of technological innovation on this kind of resin is to provide UV protection for fibers, which plays a decisive and fundamental role in the upgrading and development of energy. As a new energy technology revolution, energy interconnection must play the leading and promoting role of technological innovation, strengthen research and development, realize clean energy power generation as soon as possible, better support the construction of global energy interconnection, and ensure the sustainable supply of world energy

energy storage technology includes electrochemical energy storage, compressed air energy storage, heat storage, hydrogen storage, etc. it establishes the coupling relationship between various energy sources. It is an indispensable part of the construction of intelligent electricity and energy interconnection, and plays an important role in energy transfer, matching and optimization. In energy interconnection, large-scale volatility and intermittent renewable energy power generation increase the uncertainty of power measurement, increasing the risk caused by power imbalance. Configuring energy storage in smart electricity and energy interconnection has the following functions:

supporting the operation of a high proportion of renewable energy power generation

nationwide, renewable energy power generation is currently in the stage of rapid growth. The large-scale volatility and intermittent renewable energy power generation increase the uncertainty on the power side, increasing the risk caused by power imbalance. For the access of large-scale renewable energy power generation, on the one hand, through the combination of energy storage technology and renewable energy power generation, reduce its randomness and improve its adjustability; On the other hand, the adaptability of electricity to renewable energy power generation is enhanced through the application of electric energy storage

improve the flexibility and adjustability of the multi energy system

there is mutual coupling and influence of various energy flows in the energy interconnection. In terms of supporting the flexibility and reliability of the multi energy system, it is necessary to store energy and weaken the strong correlation and close coupling relationship between various energies, The technical type and action time scale of energy storage should match the energy supply demand of the dimensional system in which a is composed of mold parts and the technical characteristics of conversion components

improve the degree of freedom of energy trading

in the energy interconnection, the traditional energy trading mode will change, and both producers and consumers of energy will participate in the market competition, and producers and consumers, as trading subjects, their roles can be converted to each other. For large-scale energy suppliers, the use of large-scale energy storage "inventory" capacity affects the changes in market prices and promotes the rational allocation and layout of resources. At the same time, distributed energy storage gives users the right to freely choose to participate in or withdraw from the market, and the existence of energy storage also provides users with the possibility to participate in energy transactions

in order to adapt to the development of future energy, clean energy such as hydropower, wind energy and solar energy is accelerating the development and utilization. Energy interconnection will play an increasingly important role in ensuring the world's energy supply and promoting clean energy development. Energy storage technology is the key to ensure the large-scale development of clean energy and the safe and economic operation of electricity. Energy storage technology can add storage links to the power system, making the "rigid" power system with real-time power balance more "flexible", especially to stabilize the volatility caused by large-scale clean energy generation and access to electricity, and improve the safety, economy and flexibility of power operation

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