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Optical disc silk printing process and corresponding key points analysis IV


paste is actually a very important process. Generally, the speed range is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed. Enough attention should be paid to it. Many defects in the printing process are caused by carelessness when pasting. When pasting, it should be operated with the idea of sharpening the knife without mistaking the woodcutter. Some areas where the photosensitive film is often damaged during printing should be protected before being put on the machine. The inner ring and the edge of the outer ring of the film are two areas that should be protected. When pasting, we should also take into account the different requirements of different machines for the sealing of the version and make appropriate adjustments. The thickness of the ink also has a certain influence on the distance of the edge circle when pasting

requirements and precautions for printing operation

the specific work of printing operation is relatively trivial, involving a wide range and more content. In addition, the production equipment is fast, and the quality control is highly dependent on people. These objective realities force every operator to concentrate, try his best, and be responsible in the operation process if he wants to complete his own work with quality and quantity. In fact, diligence, carefulness, dedication and conscientiousness are the necessary qualities to do this work. Careless and sloppy work style is incompatible with the bank. In terms of specific details of operation, different people have different styles, but there is only one standard to measure the pros and Cons: fast, accurate and high qualification rate. Different operation styles should learn from each other, learn from each other, and try to improve their own operation level. The company will assess the operation level in the future. Measure the material and use it

regardless of the style, the following requirements and matters should be implemented in the printing operation process listed above

1. The operator should be familiar with the functions and operation methods of some common buttons and parts on the printing machine

2. When aligning the version, the image and text alignment should be accurate. Except for special effects, the image and text of the whole disc center should not be eccentric or off side

3. The printing effect should be the same as the sample, but the disc with stable printing effect should be selected when retaining the sample for the first time, and the specification, model and blending method of the material used in proofing should be clearly marked on the sample disc

4. Make records when mixing oil, and record the proportion and amount of the oil and the materials used in detail on the oil mixing record book or sample disc marking paper, which can provide convenience for repeated production. When mixing oil, the consumption should also be estimated according to the number of orders, so as to seize the opportunity of future development, so as to avoid the waste caused by too much ink mixing

5. Before starting to print authentic products, check the sanitation of the large rotary table and base of the printing machine and deal with it in time. If there is bump on the large rotary table for any reason, it will cause serious damage to the scraper and plate. If there is non dried ink on the base and it is not handled in time, it may cause ink spots on the information surface of hundreds of authentic products

6. When loading, use an air gun to blow away the dust on the disc. Since the gluing surface of the top sheet and the information surface of the bottom sheet of each disc are most likely to be stained with dust, it should be blown emphatically

7. Under the current personnel arrangement, the operator should give consideration to loading, unloading, sampling inspection, packaging, refueling inspection and other work, and the time spent on each work should be reasonably allocated to avoid giving consideration to one and losing the other, so that defects can be found in time. To minimize the rate of defective products

8. Packaging and packing shall be carried out according to the requirements of the company and customers. See the packaging standards for specific conditions

9. After the alignment trial printing is completed, all trial printing discs on the machine table should be cleaned before being put on the authentic products. If you need to re align the plate during the half-way change, you should unload the genuine products and transfer them back to the turnover box

how to imitate such a despicable working environment close to reality for friction and wear experiments is still a difficulty. 10. In order to prevent mixing discs, the trial printed discs in the loading area, unloading area, defective product storage column, packaging table and other areas should be thoroughly cleaned before starting up to produce genuine products

11. In order to prevent mixing discs, only the used marking pen can be used during trial printing. It will continue to maintain the most important position in the processing machinery. The marked discs will be used for trial printing. The sample disc for edition should be marked with the word "sample" on the printing surface with a marking pen

12. In order to prevent the official printing of authentic products, it is necessary to carefully check whether the printed content is consistent with the content of the bare disc. We should develop the habit of looking at the code engraved on the master disk of the information surface when loading. It is not easy to distinguish the information side and the printing side of DVD discs before printing. When looking at the master disc engraving code, we must distinguish the positive and negative

13. Don't stand or sit on the packed disc. To avoid scratching the disc

14. The packed discs should be handled with care when entering the warehouse, and should not be dropped or thrown at will, so as to avoid the rupture and scratch of the discs. And when stacking, the highest layer cannot be stacked

15. Pay attention to safety first when operating machinery and equipment


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