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Jinyatuo solution won the award of "IOT progressive products of the year"

jinyatuo, a leading manufacturer in the field of global digital security, won the IOT progressive products of 2015 with its linqus on-demand connection solution. In recognition of the outstanding contribution of its innovative solutions to the IOT industry, IOT evolution magazine, a top American media company whose business covers the connection market, presented this honor to jinyatuo. Jinyatuo's award-winning ODC technology enables mobile operators, equipment manufacturers and service providers to realize wireless global connection through secure remote wireless service opening and subscription management

jinyatuo's on-demand connection solution greatly simplifies the design, development and anti-interference deployment of the solution by providing secure subscription management (from embedded sim (euicc) conforming to GSMA specification). The bootstrap connection of jinyatuo facilitates the security operator to download the periphery and realize the instant connection on the device used for the first time. In addition, it allows subscription management throughout the life of the device without replacing the SIM card. This allows end users to manage connections more flexibly. They can easily add new devices such as tablet computers, United cars and smart home solutions to existing wireless service contracts

the IOT ecosystem now includes more than 3 billion devices. With the mediation, elimination and upgrading of household assets in the economic tension of people such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on, it is expected that by 2020, the market value will reach nearly US $100 billion [1], said JC lazcano, vice chairman of M2M sales in North America of kingyato. The secure on-demand connection solution can simplify the M2M ecosystem, solve the challenges encountered in the design, development and wide-ranging adoption of IOT solutions to further enhance the brand awareness for a long time, and then help to achieve the above goals

the core of IOT is a powerful ecosystem, which is composed of innovators in the wireless industry, who are trying to cope with new challenges and opportunities. We are very pleased to award jinyatuo 2015 IOT progress product award, said Carl Ford, CEO of crossfire media and editor in chief of IOT progress magazine. Jinyatuo's linqus on-demand connectivity solution shows an innovation that can move the IOT industry forward. We recommend that all stakeholders in the industry make full use of the advantages of this solution

about jinyatuo

jinyatuo is a leading manufacturer in the field of global digital security, with an annual turnover of 2.5 billion euros in 2014 and blue chip customers in more than 180 countries. Kinyato helps people trust each other in an increasingly connected digital world. Everyone pursues a better lifestyle, a more intelligent living environment, and can communicate, shop, travel, handle banking, entertainment and work with others anytime and anywhere in a safe and pleasant way. In such a fast-paced mobile and digital environment, we help enterprises and government departments provide many reliable and convenient services by protecting financial transactions, mobile services, public and private clouds, e-health care systems, e-government service access, Internet and IOT, and transportation ticketing systems

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