The hottest golden moon cake flirts with the moon

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Golden moon cake flirts with the moon cake method

on August 30, CICC gold investment company and Baoqing silver building jointly launched the "golden moon cake" in Nanjing for the first time, which was listed in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu and Shenyang at the same time. The price ranged from 1288 yuan to 32882.3 yuan, and the interface and program control turned over 8 yuan, aiming to seize the Mid Autumn Festival high-end gift market. It is reported that each "golden moon cake" is marked with a gram weight, and the total gold used in this "golden moon cake" of 32888 yuan is 120 grams

although the national mandatory national standard for moon cakes (gb19855-2005) was officially implemented on June 1 this year, the extremely luxurious "golden moon cakes" priced at tens of thousands still arrived as scheduled. Although "the biggest difference from traditional moon cakes is that 'golden moon cakes' cannot be eaten"! However, in the author's view, the function of "golden moon cake" is not much different from that of the "sky high price moon cake" in the past

the reason why the "golden moon cake" swaggered through the market was that it was not afraid of being accused of "luxury moon cake", mainly because it took advantage of the national "moon cake compulsory purchase testing machine 6.3 how to guarantee the quality if using an extensometer? National standard". The standard only stipulates the production and packaging of real moon cakes, but does not prohibit the whole moon cake from using gold

the reason why the previous "luxury moon cake" was criticized by all parties is that it is likely to hide commercial bribery and public consumption behind it. Then, taking the ride of the "Mid Autumn Festival" and "golden moon cakes" in the name of "moon cakes" are more likely to breed corruption. "Golden moon cake" molested the "mandatory national standard for moon cake"

source: Shenzhen business daily

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