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Analysis on the causes of twisting and breaking problems of circular printing machine

German mbk-sdm circular printing machine has the advantages of simple operation, high degree of automation, wide variety adaptability and so on, but there are twisting and breaking problems in actual production. A printing and dyeing factory analyzed the reasons and took improvement measures

(1) nickel:

hard and brittle nickel is easy to twist and break. Hard and tough nickel should be selected, which has good tensile, compression and mechanical rotation resistance. For nickel of the same material, the higher the number of round meshes, the more the number of eyes per unit area, and the smaller the eyes, the strength of the circle also increases. Generally, the pattern should be 31~39 eyes/cm (80~100 mesh), and 49 eyes are selected for individual fine lines. The user is willing to start the experiment/cm (125 mesh)

(2) preparation process:

if the circle is operated in the preparation process, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) hydrogel has high compatibility with human tissue, non-toxic side effects, no degradation, stable chemical properties, good elasticity, high water content, inaccurate flower roundness, upper bulkhead deflection, etc., it is bound to cause twisting and breaking due to uneven compression and tensile stress. For this reason, flowers should be well rounded, clean, evenly glued, flat and tightly bonded when they are prepared

(3) equipment:

after long-term operation, some parameters of the equipment will change, individual parts will age, and the static balance point of the host will change, which will increase the screwing and breaking frequency. The improvement measures include: regularly correct the static balance point and speed ratio of the equipment; Regularly check the transmission part of the equipment and the tightness of the belt. If there are hidden dangers, deal with them in time; The rubber label is not fixed in an obvious position. The deviation correction device of the blanket should be adjusted as accurately as possible when the equipment can operate normally, so as to reduce the probability of its left and right swing; Check the chuck regularly, and deal with it in time if there is inflexible rotation; Add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the chuck regularly

(4) operation:

the main reasons for screwing and breaking due to improper operation and improvement measures are as follows: ① improper adjustment of flower height: for this reason, it is advisable to adjust the height of the flower after getting on the car and before driving, so that its position with the supporting angle of the pulp conveying pipe and the magnetic rod is moderate, so that both ends of the magnetic rod can be supported by the supporting angle, and a certain pressure can be applied to the son; ② The selection of magnetic rod and magnetic force is too large, or the pulp probe fails: the selection of magnetic rod and magnetic force should be based on the pattern printing effect, fabric thickness and so on; ③ Dirty color paste: the color paste used for printing should be clean, and there should be no hard impurities and foreign matters mixed inside; ④ Improper tension adjustment: properly adjust the feeding tension and strengthen the filtration of the color paste

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