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Jinma Machinery super energy-saving ball mill beautiful "green" angel

why is it said that Jinma Machinery super energy-saving ball mill is a beautiful green angel? Combined with reality, Jinma Machinery reveals the secrets for the majority of energy-saving ball mill users. 2012 is coming. Looking back on the past, why do we say that the super energy-saving ball mill of Jinma Machinery is a beautiful green angel? Combined with reality, Jinma Machinery reveals the secrets for the majority of energy-saving ball mill users

2012 is coming. Looking back, what do we see? The haze weather shrouds the sky over the Central Plains, and the sun appears in the afternoon, which is also dim and eclipsed. Zhengzhou has the third highest pollution level in the country, and it is still an issue of energy conservation and environmental protection. The consumption of earth's energy is rapidly becoming a global problem - not only an environmental problem, but also an accessory mill industry problem such as ball 2, various fixtures of experimental machines and elongation measuring devices

the earth is the mother of our human beings, and we have and obligation to protect the earth. On the issue of energy conservation and environmental protection, Zhengzhou Jinma Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. let us give a thumbs up. Over the years, while producing ball mill equipment, it has been committed to energy conservation and environmental protection research according to production experience, and has made one after another achievements that I believe the quality is guaranteed. We have improved the technical level of ball mills, and developed construction waste treatment equipment and steel aluminum slag recycling equipment. In addition, the company also invested a lot of money to develop and produce energy-saving and environmental friendly ball mill equipment. These achievements enable Yalei heavy industry technology to continue to maintain the leading position of ball mill in the industry

the green super energy-saving ball mill produced by Jinma Machinery is composed of feeding department, discharging department, rotating department, transmission department (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, electric control) and other main parts. The hollow shaft is made of steel castings, and the lining can be removed and replaced. The rotary gear is processed by casting hobbing, and the cylinder is inlaid with wear-resistant lining plates, which has good wear resistance. The machine runs smoothly, works reliably, and is energy-saving and environmental friendly

there are three types of super energy-saving ball mills, but each type can save 40% - 50% of power

under the objective conditions of the current national energy shortage and the increasingly high prices of various energies and resources, electricity, as the main component of energy, undoubtedly causes high costs to the operation of each ball mill user (because the ball mill user is a large power user). In order to reduce the pressure of power shortage to the country and reduce the operation cost of each ball mill user unit, our company has produced a super energy-saving ball mill after years of painstaking research based on LSB co 20a gb11945 and according to the suggestions and information feedback of the ball mill user manufacturers. After practical operation and long-term work, this ball mill has produced good economic results, It is clear to all the lecturers that the use unit of the ball mill has reduced the electricity cost by about 50%

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