The hottest golden light Rudong industrial project

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Jinguang Rudong industrial project is favored by automobile enterprises. Two production lines will be put into operation in March next year and enter the installation stage. Release date: Source: Nantong

recently, two sets of steel Yankee dryer main equipment for production line 1 of phase I project of Jinguang Rudong industrial base were hoisted in place, marking that the civil engineering of production lines 1 and 4 of Jinguang Rudong industrial base has entered the final stage and the installation work has officially begun

at about 9:00 a.m., in front of the workshop of line 1 of Rutong industrial base of Jinguang group, the 120 ton steel Yankee dryer paper machine equipment was slowly hoisted and moved into the workshop through the track. After the precise operation of the workers, it was hoisted in place on the same day

Yankee dryer is an indispensable part of modern high-speed paper machine, with high drying efficiency. In the drying process, the longer the paper surface contacts with the Yankee dryer, the smoother and brighter the paper produced. The steel Yankee dryers purchased by Rudong industrial base of Jinguang group are 5.48 meters high, weighing 120 tons in total, and each one is worth more than 5 million

cuixinfa vacuum insulation board, deputy general manager of Rudong industrial base of Jinguang group, introduced that in paper enterprises, the diameter of drying cylinder is generally only about 1.8 meters. The steel Yankee dryer purchased this time has a diameter of 5.48 meters, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, high quality and environmental protection, and its technical indicators have reached the leading level in Europe

the golden light Rudong industrial base project is a major project in Jiangsu Province, and it is also a flagship industrial project. It is expected that about 30 battery enterprises will close down this year to stimulate regional economic growth, boost industrial transformation and upgrading, and drive the development of upstream and downstream industrial chains. "With the arrival and installation of Yankee dryer and other equipment, the gap between pulley and column is about (0.1 ~ 0.5) mm. Our project progress will be further accelerated, and it is expected to achieve the goal of product production in March next year." Cui Xinfa said

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