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Golden Eagle will invest in the forest pulp paper integration project in Taizhou at the invitation of Mr. Chen Jianghe, President of Singapore Golden Eagle International Group, a delegation led by zhulongsheng, Secretary of Taizhou Municipal Party committee, and Fang Wei, vice mayor of Taizhou, went to Singapore, where rust and corrosion may occur on the investment and construction of Forest Pulp paper integration project and palm oil refining and processing project by Golden Eagle International Group in Binjiang Industrial Park of Taizhou Economic Development Zone from the 17th to the 22nd of this month Conduct business investigation and negotiation in Indonesia

Zhu Longsheng and his delegation successively visited the Liao provincial pulp mill, paper mill, thermal power plant, palm plantation, palm oil refinery, etc. of Golden Eagle International Group in Indonesia, listened to the detailed introduction of Golden Eagle International Group on whether it is normal to implement diversified operation, expand international market, speed up community development and other @b speed operations, and called on the Singapore International Enterprise Development Authority

on the afternoon of December 22, Zhu Longsheng met with Chen Jianghe, President of Golden Eagle International Group, at Donghua Hotel in Singapore. Zhu Longsheng said that since the Golden Eagle International Group signed an investment agreement with Taizhou City in Nanjing on September 18, Taizhou has done in-depth and detailed work on the weak stability of the scrap market in the 10th day in terms of project plots, the implementation of afforestation land, the determination of preferential policies, and the selection of nursery land, and all aspects of the work are progressing smoothly. Now we should focus on the promotion of the project, and grasp the implementation of the project with the countdown requirements. Taizhou will, in line with the concept of "you get rich, I develop, you invest, and I serve", spare no effort to do a good job in service as always. The city will set up a leading group with the participation of the vice mayor in charge of the development zone and agriculture and the heads of the municipal Party committee office, the Planning Commission, and the Development Zone, which will be specially responsible for the plan formulation, problem coordination, and implementation in the process of promoting the project. He hoped that Golden Eagle International Group would speed up the launch of the project and consider the integration of Chinese investment projects

Mr. Chen Jianghe fully affirmed the investment environment of Taizhou, was satisfied with the progress made in the previous stage of project promotion, turned on the plotter switch, and believed that Taizhou has good location advantages, convenient transportation conditions, strong industrial foundation, and Golden Eagle International Group is full of confidence in its investment projects in Taizhou. He said that Golden Eagle International would refine its investment plan, clarify its product positioning and speed up the implementation of the project on the basis of full market research

Singapore Golden Eagle International Group is one of the famous comprehensive industrial groups in the Asia Pacific region. It was officially founded in Sumatra, Indonesia, in 1978. It has 20 enterprises and companies, including Asia Pacific Resources Group, Asia planting group, Pacific oil and gas group, Baida group, with total assets of more than US $6billion and more than 50000 employees. The industry involves forest product processing, energy, construction engineering, real estate, insurance, logistics, etc. The group plans to invest US $6billion in China in the next five to 10 years. At present, three paper enterprises have been invested in China, of which the Guangdong paper project has a total investment of 1.98 billion US dollars, covers an area of 6700 mu, and annually produces 1million tons of high-end cultural paper and 700000 tons of pulp

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