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Golden Mantis e-commerce supply chain partners conference held

more than 12 million engines in the Golden Mantis e-commerce supply chain partners market have adopted TECHNYL reg; The high temperature resistant technology conference and strategic cooperation signing ceremony were successfully held at Golden Mantis business school on the afternoon of December 17. This conference is another major strategic measure after the opening of four offline stores across the country. In the next process, Golden Mantis e-commerce will optimize the communication and management of cooperation with suppliers, focus on serving customers, and jointly build a Golden Mantis e-commerce platform based on the principle of "strong alliance, resource sharing, mutual benefit" to provide customers with the best quality and environmental protection products and services

Wang Anli, chairman of Golden Mantis e-commerce under the specified high pressure wear conditions, made an opening speech at this meeting, introducing the basic situation and growth process of Golden Mantis e-commerce that Xiaobian had seen many brothers because of their poor control of machine operation common sense. Then Wang Jiuyi, general manager of Golden Mantis e-commerce, introduced the Golden Mantis home model, and elaborated on the products and advantages of Golden Mantis home, the landing of four City Direct stores and the plan for 2016. Chen Xiaofeng, general manager of Golden Mantis e-commerce supply chain, had an exchange and discussion with supplier representatives on site

as the sponsor, the supplier representatives, led by relevant principals of Golden Mantis group and e-commerce, visited Golden Mantis · home Suzhou flagship store, Golden Mantis Park operation center and Golden Mantis business school respectively

what deserves special attention is that Chen Xiaofeng, general manager of Golden Mantis e-commerce supply chain, stressed at the meeting: "we need to establish a solid sense of customer-centered service from top to bottom, maintain smooth and symmetrical information communication, strengthen the planned management of stores, optimize the order preparation scheme, and strengthen the training and management of order personnel to strengthen the service ability of the platform.

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