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Golden light app Forest Pulp paper integration is a model of circular economy

in July 2009, golden light group app (China) college students' summer environmental protection practice officially kicked off. 38 college students from 16 colleges and universities across the country will conduct a comprehensive investigation on Hainan Forest Pulp paper integration and the scientific development of artificial forests

through investigation, we learned that wood, the fiber raw material for papermaking, is an important material. In the past, China's papermaking policy was based on grass for various reasons, causing serious environmental pollution. Now we use wood to make paper. Because China is a country with a very short supply of wood, it consumes nearly $10billion in foreign exchange every year for importing paper, pulp, waste paper, etc., ranking the third after copper, iron and plastics. Copper, iron and plastics are non renewable resources, and wood is renewable resources. China has the conditions to adapt to the development of fast-growing and high-yield forests. As long as we work hard, the shortage of wood can be alleviated or reversed

take Finland as an example, Huaibei City focuses on building and cultivating the aluminum based new material industry. Finland is a world forestry developed country. Although its forest area is less than 1% of the world's total output, and its wood output only accounts for 1.5% of the world's total output, its forest coverage is as high as 72% due to the strong promotion of the integrated development of forestry pulp and paper by paper-making enterprises. At present, the total value of forest products industry, the total value of forestry exports, and the exports of paper and paperboard account for 5% and 10% of the world's total respectively 15%。 At the same time, the net increase of its forest resources is as high as 20million cubic meters, which truly realizes the sustainable development of forest resources and the sustainable management of the paper industry

according to the research of forestry experts, at present, eucalyptus is an excellent timber species in the world. Due to its fast growth and short rotation period, its wood characteristics are particularly suitable for the production of pulp. At present, eucalyptus plantations account for 10% of the total area of plantations in the world, and are the main species of plantations in the world. China has planted 1.5 million hectares of Eucalyptus. In addition, large-scale planting of eucalyptus has also made great contributions to greening the ecological environment. And mainly in the following aspects: first, it effectively curbed the expansion trend of desertification and land degradation; Second, the degree of soil erosion has been effectively controlled. Soil erosion can be effectively controlled by building artificial forests on barren mountains and slopes; Third, effectively protect biodiversity and expand the living space of wild species

in this regard, app of Jinguang group, the pioneer of China's Forest Pulp paper integration, is the first person to eat crabs. As early as 1994, while investing in China's paper industry, APP began to build artificial forests in Hainan, Guangxi, Guangdong and other places, and began to vigorously promote the forest pulp paper integration project, which not only created barren mountains and wasteland into high-yield forests with better economic and ecological benefits, but also promoted the harmonious coexistence of paper industry and the environment. At present, the forestation area of APP has accounted for more than 50% of the forestation area of the same industry. The 4million mu of forest land can produce nearly 5million tons of wood every year, which is equivalent to creating artificial raw materials for 2million tons of paper. It has not only brought good economic benefits to the enterprise, but also created good environmental benefits for the society

it is undeniable that there may be some problems in the early stage of promoting the integrated development of Forest Pulp and paper, but we must treat the integrated development of Forest Pulp and paper in modern paper industry with a scientific attitude and development perspective, so as to guide the work practice and peel off the bonding surface 25mm from the test plate. Take app as an example. By building large-scale artificial forests on barren mountains, app not only provides raw materials for enterprises, but also increases the income of local farmers and improves the local greening level. In addition, app has also set up a reference sample of circular operation and sustainable development for China's paper enterprises through the integrated investment of Forest Pulp and paper

1. Metal tensile testing machine: the practice of high tensile strength of metal materials shows that according to the development strategy of classified management and zoning implementation of forestry in China, scientific and reasonable management and cultivation of fast-growing and high-yield plantations, guided by the comprehensive, coordinated and scientific concept of development, will certainly promote the harmonious development of China's modern forest paper industry and the environment

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