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Nanjing citizens asked 35 waterworks across the country to disclose water quality data. On July 1, the first day the new national standard for tap water came into force, two Nanjing citizens, Cheng Yuan and Li Chunhua, sent government information disclosure application forms to 35 Waterworks in 32 provincial capitals across the country, asking for disclosure. Since July 1, the state has enforced the new "sanitary standard for drinking water", For the first time, their respective water plants only shortened the process time and tested the water quality data

a new 7 foam granulator is added to the detection index

from July 1 this year, China will enforce the latest drinking water standard GB "sanitary standard for drinking water". The detection indicators of the new standard have been increased from 35 to 106, in line with the international general water quality standards

applicant lichunhua told the morning post, "in this application, we only require relevant enterprises to provide the test items and monitoring data of the first water quality test after the enforcement of the new standard. We can directly know whether the waterworks are really ready for the implementation of the new national standard."

another applicant, Cheng Yuan, said, "if all 106 indicators in the new standard meet the standard, tap water can be drunk directly. Does this mean that China's tap water has really entered the era of direct drinking after the 1st?"

there is sufficient basis for information application

it is relatively new for most people to apply for information disclosure to waterworks enterprises. However, wenlihua, a lawyer from Jiangsu ShengDian law firm, told the morning post that "the information disclosure applications of the two applicants have sufficient legal basis". According to Article 37 of the regulations on the disclosure of government information, the information made and obtained by public enterprises and institutions closely related to the interests of the people, such as education, medical and health care, family planning, water supply, power supply, gas supply, heat supply, environmental protection, public transport, in the process of providing social public services to avoid personnel errors, should also be made public

"at the same time, paragraph 8 of Article 10 of the regulations on the management of urban water supply quality, which stipulates that Qinghai hengxinrong lithium production line with an annual output of 20000 tons of lithium carbonate was put into trial production in November 2017, also stipulates that urban water supply units should accept public inquiries about urban water supply quality information." In order to ensure that the applied water company can be aware of its information disclosure obligations, the two applicants also specially attached the relevant provisions of the regulations on government information disclosure to the express envelope

it is understood that the relevant application was sent by express mail yesterday and is expected to be delivered to all water companies within 3 days. According to the government information disclosure regulations, 35 water companies should reply within 15 days after receiving the government information disclosure application

Yu Fangqiang, a public interest personage who has long carried out legal work in the field of public health and a visiting scholar at Fordham University in the United States, believes that, "More than 95% of the public water supply plants in the country were built before the promulgation of the new drinking water sanitation standard, and the water quality and treatment process of these water plants are difficult to ensure that the effluent meets the requirements of the new standard. In this case, it is not enough to rely solely on the waterworks to unilaterally improve the water quality, which is also very slow. It is necessary to comprehensively promote the disclosure of tap water information and allow the public to directly monitor the water quality from the source, so as to eliminate public concerns."

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