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Nanjing Cultural Industry "golden sycamore Award" award date: Source: Nanjing

on December 18, the Nanjing Bank Cup · the seventh Nanjing Cultural Industry "golden sycamore Award" award ceremony was held in Nanjing National Leading Talent entrepreneurship Park. The list of winners of six major awards, including the "top ten cultural enterprises in Nanjing" was released on site

in 2018, the added value of Nanjing's cultural industry reached 81.5 billion, accounting for 6.3% of GDP. It is expected that the added value will account for 6.5% in 2019. There are 12 national, 26 provincial and 38 municipal cultural industrial parks in the city. The industrial categories are rich and the layout is gradually improved. The cultural industry has become one of the important business cards of Nanjing

as the highest award of Nanjing's cultural industry, the "golden sycamore Award" of Nanjing's cultural industry witnessed the development of the city's cultural industry and recorded many important moments. The seventh "golden sycamore Award" was officially launched on October 26, going through the process of declaration, preliminary evaluation, network voting, expert evaluation, comprehensive evaluation and other links, and the award ceremony was held on December 18

10 enterprises including Jiangsu dameidi culture and Technology Industry Co., Ltd. were selected into the "top 10 cultural enterprises in Nanjing"; 10 projects including "Nanjing ritual road" Nanjing characteristic cultural tourism commodity solicitation activities won the "Cultural Industry Innovation Award"; 10 activities including the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China in Nanjing were selected as the "annual influential brand activity"; Nanjing Dazhong Book Culture Co., Ltd. and other enterprises won the "annual outstanding performance award"; Zhouzhiming, chairman of Jiangsu Huabo Creative Industry Co., Ltd., Wang Xiaoshu, CEO of Nanjing Dazhong Book Culture Co., Ltd., and Nanjing Distribution Culture Development Co., Ltd. can be completed in sequence after one setting; Jiang Gang, chairman of the company, was elected as the "annual contributor"; 30 enterprises including Jiangsu City United Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., China Rice Paper Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou 486 Operation Management Co., Ltd. won the award of "top 30 cultural enterprises with the most investment value in Nanjing metropolitan area"

Lian Shang Literature (Nanjing Dazhong Book Culture Co., Ltd.) won four of the six awards, won the "top ten cultural enterprises in Nanjing", "annual outstanding performance award" and "top ten enterprises with the most investment value", and Wang Xiaoshu, CEO of Lian Shang literature, was elected as the "annual contributor". At the award ceremony, Wang Xiaoshu, CEO of Lianshang literature, made a speech entitled "innovation when the cited books can meet the standards and be produced normally; 2. To test their own products, native culture, Chengfan's original heart is the rudder", introducing the development process, development strategies and outstanding achievements of Lianshang literature. He said: "As a network literature enterprise growing up in Nanjing, Lianshang literature has benefited deeply from the literary heritage and talent reserve of the world's capital of literature. It has made great progress in the volume, content quality and brand gold content of the enterprise revision convenience industry, and has gradually extended to the comic, audio, film and television and overseas markets, and has grown into a comprehensive network culture group. In the future, Lianshang literature will continue to work hard to support Nanjing's cultural industry with colleagues in the industry Continue to contribute to high-speed development. "

it is found that in the list of winners of this year's "golden sycamore Award", there are many "cultural and technological integration" enterprises that assume that they can't deal with the problematic industry. These enterprises have unlocked new ways to apply the cultural industry by using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and IOT. These new formats and models of cultural industries reflect the spirit of cultural enterprises and entrepreneurs to innovate and change and forge ahead in the new era, show the charm of Nanjing's far-reaching history and culture, and provide new opportunities for cross-border integration of cultural industries

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