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Nanjing Environmental Protection Department declared that there was indeed environmental pollution in crystal sky with black smoke. According to the standard, the maximum penalty is 100000 yuan

Nanjing Environmental Protection Department declared that there was indeed environmental pollution in crystal sky with black smoke. Self made toys and teaching aids "according to the standard, the maximum penalty is 100000 yuan, paint,

Nanjing Environmental Protection Department said that there was black smoke in crystal sky, and there was indeed environmental pollution. According to the standard, the maximum penalty was 100000 yuan

June 16, 2015

[China paint information] on June 9, the article "crystal sky was damaged by thick black smoke using it as raw material smoke" was reported, which reflected that Yangtze BASF suddenly emitted black smoke, which had a certain impact on the local environment. After the article appeared in the newspaper, it attracted the attention of all parties. Many citizens are curious about the composition of the black smoke emitted by BASF Yangzi and worry about the adverse impact on the environment. To this end, we contacted Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau yesterday to interview the black smoke in crystal sky

according to the interview outline prepared in advance, three questions were raised: first, what substances are contained in a large amount of black smoke floating into the sky, whether it is harmful, and whether relevant monitoring and tracking are carried out? 2、 As a key enterprise of municipal environmental protection control, how can the environmental protection department prevent and control BASF's pollution to avoid similar situations from happening again? 3、 Will relevant enterprises be rectified and punished for this incident

section chief Li of the park Supervision Department of Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau said that on June 6, a compressor in Yangzi BASF ethylene plant tripped. In order to ensure production safety, the enterprise used the flare system to burn chemical materials in the equipment, and black smoke appeared in the process. The company once explained the situation to the environmental protection department at that time. While requiring the enterprise to take pollution prevention measures, the environmental protection department also conducted on-site observation. After their identification, the black smoke is mainly carbon, and there are black floating dust and other floating objects around the plant, which have a certain impact on the local environment in Dachang area and bring inconvenience to people's lives. Relevant environmentalists pointed out that from the perspective of direct impact, the black leakage automatic power-off system and automatic breakpoint shutdown function, the thick smoke will not only damage the local landscape, but also produce a large number of pollutants, including PM2.5, PM10 and other particles, as well as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc., especially in the residual ash contains a large amount of PM2.5

in response to the question that the environmental protection department did not monitor in time, chief Li said that it was mainly because the black smoke fault of BASF Yangzi was intermittent. After it appeared on June 6, it reappeared on June 7. In addition, the environmental protection department lacks necessary monitoring for the flare system burning natural gas. It is a technical means to adapt to a relatively large tension. The main reason is that the flare system is dozens of meters high and the temperature nearby is extremely high. At present, other cities in China do not have monitoring means, so the environmental protection department can only judge the environmental impact by visual observation and work experience

as for the punishment of BASF Yangzi, section chief Li said that he was in the process of obtaining evidence, but it was difficult to apply laws and regulations. Because the national standards for the emission of smoke and dust from coal-fired boilers are based on environmental penalties, and natural gas flare devices such as BASF Yangzi are not within the scope of application and need to be studied. According to the national emission limit for coal-fired boilers is 100 MG-200 mg per cubic meter. If the chimney emits white smoke, it means that most of it is water vapor, and the concentration of smoke is dozens of mg per cubic meter. But if the chimney emits black smoke, it indicates that the problem is quite serious. Black smoke emissions such as BASF Yangzi can be fined up to 100000 yuan according to the above standards

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