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Nanjing chemical fiber applied the DCS automatic control system in the glue making process of viscose fiber for the first time (in

(1) the system set up relatively independent field operation stations in the powder dipping process and ripening process, and each operation station is responsible for its own production and maintenance functions, which are independent of each other and have no influence on each other

(2) the system sets up a general operation station in the yellowing process. In addition to being responsible for the normal production control of the yellowing process, it should also have the operation and maintenance function of controlling the powder impregnation process and the ripening process, and have higher priority to its corresponding operation station

(3) the equipment between each operation station is connected through standard industrial Ethernet, and the network should be designed with corresponding redundancy to ensure 5 Confirm the reliability of the power supply under the specified voltage and safe grounding network

(4) the top layer of the system should reserve an Ethernet management operation interface that conforms to tcp/with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. The genetic method of IP protocol eliminates the separation and purification steps of PHB and bacteria in the bacterial method, so as to connect the management and scheduling computer, and prepare for the automation of comprehensive management of the whole plant in the future

(5) redundant configuration shall be carried out for controllers, networks, modules and power supplies in important key parts to ensure the reliability of the production process of each process

(6) the interface between the system and explosion-proof equipment shall adopt corresponding explosion-proof treatment measures to achieve the required explosion-proof level

(7) a certain amount of reserve should be considered in the design of the system for future expansion

(8) the main operation station of the system should have the function of developing and running software, and the other operation stations should have corresponding operation functions. The software of the system should adopt the software with relatively high performance price ratio to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the whole system

(9) the configuration utility shall have the following functions: zero point, range and alarm limit setting of process variables; Control loop configuration; Establish real-time and historical databases; Establish and display the trend chart screen; Create reports; Program and compilation; Configuration download; Configuration modification; Process variable monitoring; Display and modify all parameters

four system configuration

jx-300x DCS is composed of a multi-function station, 5 operation stations, 5 control stations and process control network. The system structure is shown in Figure 2

the multi-function station can be used as both an operation station and an engineer station. The engineer station is equipped with corresponding configuration platform and system maintenance tools. The operation station is a platform for operators to complete production process monitoring and management tasks

the hardware composition of the multi-function station and the operation station is exactly the same, including industrial PC, CRT, mouse, keyboard, simple card processing, special operator keyboard, operation console, etc

the control station completes the real-time monitoring function of the whole industrial process, which is composed of main control card, data transfer card, i/o card, power supply unit, etc. Various cards of the control station can be configured in redundancy. In order to increase the reliability of the system, we have made redundant configuration for the main control card and data transfer card of the control station, and the i/o cards of the control circuit also adopt redundant configuration

five engineering configurations

supcon JX-300X DCS configuration includes host setting, control station configuration and operation station configuration, which must be completed in sequence. Engineering configuration also includes configuration download and operation maintenance

1. Host setting

it is to configure the position of each main control card, operation station and engineer station in the system, that is, the address of each station on the process control network, the operation cycle of each control station, whether it is redundant, etc

2. Control station configuration

refers to the configuration of control station hardware and control scheme. Figure 3 shows the configuration process of control station

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