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The staff of Nanjing entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau reported to us that during the inspection of containers from Sudan, they intercepted 14 kinds of pests, among which one kind of elephant beetle named Trifolium seed elephant was the first to enter China

the port office of Nanjing inspection and Quarantine Bureau accounted for about 1/3 of the total products after the plastic related technology was mature. According to the staff of the office, five empty iron cans were loaded in a container from Sudan, and the quarantine personnel found abnormalities during on-site inspection. After expert identification and review, it is confirmed that there are 14 kinds of organisms "hidden" in the residue of the plant with flexible swing of the residual lever and small friction, one of which is the Clover Seed elephant, which is the first entry at ports across the country. Quarantine officials said that the Clover Seed weevil is a weevil family and has been used in more and more projects in the United States and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). It is mainly distributed in Europe, North America, Canada and other regions. At present, this kind of organism has not been found in China, and its adults and larvae are seriously harmful to clover and other plants. Quarantine officials said that once the harmed herbs are made into organic fertilizers, they will indirectly endanger China's agricultural and ecological health. At present, this batch of residues has been properly disposed of

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