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Nanjing guy fainted after painting in the cold storage and completely lost sexual function

when painting in the cold storage, he suddenly fainted to the ground. Xiao Zhang was suspected of being overworked and was sent back to the dormitory to rest, but the situation became worse and worse. After three days of unconsciousness, his limbs continued to twitch

after going to the hospital for examination, Xiao Zhang was diagnosed as mixed poisoning of organic compounds, mild mental retardation, and severe non limb paralysis dyskinesia. The most unacceptable thing for him is the complete loss of sexual function

fainted on the ground when painting

Xiao Zhang lives in Liuhe District, Nanjing, and works in an engineering team. In May, 2008, the engineering team took a job to construct the waterproof layer for the cold storage under construction, and Xiao Zhang was responsible for painting waterproof paint

as a result, while working, Xiao Zhang suddenly fainted to the ground. The workmates immediately put down their work and rushed to help him up. "Maybe he's tired, so hurry to send him back to the dormitory."

everyone didn't take it seriously, but the situation was getting worse and worse. Although Xiao Zhang had had a full rest, he was still unconscious and his limbs twitched. He was frightened. If the sample was dark, the gauge was covered with white paint). The workmates rushed him to the hospital

the trachea was cut, and then the respiratory tract was kept unobstructed through mechanical ventilation, combined with medication. After the full rescue of the doctor, Xiao Zhang woke up 20 days later

in order to get better treatment, Xiao Zhang was transferred to another hospital. Based on the nature of his work, the hospital diagnosed him as mixed poisoning of organic compounds (benzene, xylene), toxic encephalopathy, and lung infection

the most unacceptable thing for Xiao Zhang is to find that he has completely lost his sexual function. In order to get justice, he took a waterproof coating manufacturer in Changzhou and two dealers to the Liuhe court. After the incident, Xiao Zhang once reported to the Department of industry and commerce. After identification, this batch of paint really belongs to unqualified products

go to the paint factory to find out the truth in person

although the subpoena of the Liuhe court has been obtained, the paint factory still insists that its products are qualified products, and issues the inspection report of Changzhou product quality supervision and Inspection Institute. In this report, the content of toluene + xylene is 6g/kg, and the content of benzene is undetected

after the lawsuit, Xiao Zhang applied for disability grade appraisal through the court. After consultation, the identification agency issued a report, which believed that Xiao Zhang was a symptom of mixed poisoning of organic compounds, with mild mental retardation, which had constituted a severe non limb paralysis motor disorder. Xiao Zhang's injury has constituted a first-class disability, although some customers will bring their own shopping bags and rely on nursing

at 6:00 in the trial, Zhang said that he could not accept the inspection report provided by the manufacturer and asked the court to assign relevant departments to re inspect the paint

at that time, judge Dai Haibin presided over the case. After receiving the appeal, he paid great attention to it. He personally came to little zhangjiazhong to visit him. After understanding his condition, he went to the paint factory to investigate on the spot, just to find out the truth

Liuhe court sent two barrels of paint samples to Jiangsu Institute of product quality supervision and inspection for entrusted inspection

after inspection, the benzene content in the two barrels of paint is different, one barrel is 0.1g/kg, and the other barrel is 6g/kg, but neither of them is "not detected" in the inspection report provided by the manufacturer

the manufacturer shall compensate more than 450000 yuan

and according to the standard of the limit of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials (GB), the maximum content of benzene in adhesives shall not exceed 5g/kg

the truth surfaced. After losing the ability to work, Xiao Zhang had already been heavily in debt because of seeking medical treatment everywhere. He asked the paint factory to compensate for the losses of more than 1 million yuan

however, the paint manufacturers in Changzhou are not willing to believe that according to the contents of the forensic expert opinion, Xiao Zhang was identified as a first-class disability and a first-class nursing dependency, which is obviously lack of basis. The agent of the manufacturer said that since Xiao Zhang can "clearly" cooperate with the inspection, it proves that he does not have non paralytic motor disorders

the two sides continued to argue, but no agreement has been reached

in order to make Xiao Zhang get the compensation as soon as possible, judge Dai Haibin repeatedly went back and forth between the two sides. Although the lawsuit came one after another, fortunately, an agreement was finally reached. In addition to the medical expenses of more than 30 pressure oil pumps (red) million yuan paid in the early stage, the manufacturer compensated more than 450000 yuan, the two dealers compensated 60000 yuan, and the project employer compensated 7000 yuan

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