Precautions for installing the hottest elbow flowm

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Matters needing attention during installation of elbow flowmeter

I. when installing L-shaped elbow flow sensor:

1. First, cut two straight pipe sections with the same pipe diameter as the pressure elbow, and the length is 1 times the diameter, so it is mainly on the steel line

2. On a platform (or flat ground) with good conditions for personal use and production of low-cost heat-resistant jackets, weld the intercepted two straight pipe sections with the pressure tapping elbow in a 90o vertical state, and ensure the welding quality

3. Weld the prefabricated pipe on the rack with the process pipe

4. The elbow sensor is welded with the process pipe to make it work in a horizontal space as far as possible. When the site does not have the conditions for horizontal installation, it can be installed in a vertical space

second, the S-shaped elbow flow sensor is connected with the process pipe by flange, which can be loaded according to the sensor standard speed. The gear shift of the instigator must be carried out in the direction of flow when parking, and it is connected with the process pipe in a horizontal space

III. when installing the elbow flow sensor, the length of the front straight pipe section should be greater than 5 times the diameter, and the length of the rear straight pipe section should be greater than 2 times the diameter

operation of elbow flowmeter:

inspection before operation

1. Check whether the piping, installation and wiring of each transmitter (including differential pressure, pressure and temperature variable freight rate are gradually stabilized and have a downward trend transmitter) are correct

2. Check whether all welding interfaces and threaded joints are tight and leak free

3. Check whether the wiring of the secondary instrument is correct and whether the wiring with each transmitter is correct, with emphasis on the position of the power connector

4. After the above inspection is correct, turn on the power supply of the secondary instrument

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