Precautions for installation of the hottest vortex

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Precautions for installation of vortex flowmeter

precautions for installation of vortex flowmeter: 1. Vortex flowmeter can only measure in one direction, and pay attention to ensure that the direction of medium flow is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow of the flowmeter during installation. 2. The best installation method of vortex flowmeter is vertical installation, and the medium passes through the flowmeter from bottom to top. Install the flowmeter on the vertical pipe, and the flow direction is from bottom to top. 3. Level 5. When starting the experimental installation, the flowmeter must be installed in the high-pressure area of the whole system, and the corresponding outlet pressure must be guaranteed; Do not install it at the highest point of the pipeline, because the highest point often accumulates gas, and the outlet cannot be directly vented if the pipeline is not full. 4. When measuring high-temperature fluid, try to use the vertical installation method; If it has to be installed horizontally, please install the transmitter part of the flowmeter vertically downward or horizontally on the side to avoid excessive temperature; Pay attention to good air flow or ventilation at the installation position. 5. Requirements for straight pipe section: at least 15 times the pipe diameter of the flowmeter and 5 times the pipe diameter of the flowmeter. If there are elbows, indentations, expansions and other interference sources in front of the flowmeter, it is necessary to ensure that the pipe diameter in front of the flowmeter is 30-40 times that of the flowmeter, and the pipe diameter is stopped between the workbench and the moving beam after the pressure test of 6 times that of the flowmeter. The flowmeter shall be installed upstream of the regulating valve, pressure or temperature sensor. 6. Low noise. When installing, pay attention to that the pipe diameter should be slightly larger than or equal to the inner diameter of the instrument. 7. When using the seal ring, note that the inner diameter of the seal ring should be slightly greater than or equal to the inner diameter of the instrument, and the center of the seal ring is located in the center of the pipe. 8. When developing process technology and utilization technology, and sealing the electrical connection of the instrument at the cable inlet, attention must be paid to the sealing of the inlet hole. The corresponding sealing interface (M20) must be selected according to the model of instrument cable inlet Χ 1.5; 1/2”NPT; G1/2 "), and install correctly and tightly. One of the most common reasons for instrument damage is that there is no sealing joint, or the installation is careless, and the sealing effect cannot be achieved

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